Field Training Program - Phase 1

The following information will act as the mandated outline for Phase 1 of the Field Training Program. The Field Training Officer (FTO) appointed to Phase 1 will use this outline to promote and teach all the policies and training corresponding to Phase 1. All the listed material should be demonstrated by the Field Training Officer to ensure all training requirements are met.

  • General Orders & Directives
    • The FTO will explain, elaborate, and review the post General Orders with each Probationary Explorer. While training, the FTO should provide examples and demonstrations of the material pertaining to the General Orders, such as:
      • Uniform Regulations
        • Polished boots.
        • Pins shined.
        • Shirts tucked in.
        • Differences between Class A, B, and C uniforms.
      • Chain of Command
      • Interoffice Documents
        • How to complete a memo.
        • How to complete an Individual Activity Report (Hour Sheet).
        • How to complete a Ride-Along form.
        • How to complete a Uniform Request Form.

Note: Explorers DO NOT have to memorize the number of each General Order, but simply the concept and general knowledge of the General Order.

  • Online Source
    • The FTO will inform Probationary Explorers of the Explorer Post’s online resource,
    • The purpose of the website is to establish communication throughout the post while not at post events, help provide online training material, provide contact information and public service announcements, and information about upcoming events for Explorers to be prepared.
    • Details will be posted on the website, providing the date/time and location.


  • Probationary Workbook
    • The FTO will utilize the Probationary Workbook to supplement phase material and facilitate training.