CPR Scheduled for December 5th


The Pasco Sheriff's Office Explorer Post staff in cooperation with the Training Staff has scheduled the Explorer Post and all Explorers able to be in attendance to attend CPR training on December 5th of this year. Training will be held at the Land O' Lakes Detention Facility. We will meet out in the parking lot from 1745 - 1800 hours then proceed inside for training. 

Once on site, we will receive identical training that the Sheriff's Office members must go through every 2 years. On completion of the course, all those who pass satisfactorily will receive a certificate of completion and will be certified to perform CPR, should the need arise. This is an important step in becoming ride-along eligible in the Post as well. 

For the time being, this training will only be open to Explorers and not their families. Location of the training is attached to this news feed but will be held at 20101 Central Boulevard, Land O' Lakes, Florida. 

If you have any questions, ask below or contact a Post Advisor.