Field Training Program

General Order EXP 1900 and the Bureau Directives describe in detail the purpose of the Field Training portion of the Pasco Sheriff's Office Explorer Post. Once you have completed your oral board and have been issued all of your equipment, you will immediately begin Phase I of the Field Training Program. 

To the right, you will see a navigation menu for each of the phases. These links will take you to study guides as well as mandatory training videos. Each phase is broken up into three units and one exam. Each Phase MUST be completed in a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks

A Probationary Explorer who is not meeting the standards for training may participate in a remediation period. The terms for remediation are as follows: A Probationary Explorer may spend no longer than 16 weeks and no shorter than 8 weeks in the Field Training Program. An Explorer is afforded the opportunity to challenge each Phase Examination no more than three times. Each time the Probationary Explorer fails an examination, he/she is given a six (6) day remediation period and then required to take the failed examination again. Upon a second failure, the Explorer is giving another six (6) day remediation period. Upon completion of the second remediation period, the Explorer must challenge the failed Examination, to be administered by the Field Training Sergeant, a third and final time.

Any Probationary Explorer who fails three examinations within a single phase will be deemed an Explorer who is Not Responding to Training (NRT). An Explorer who is Not Responding to Training may be dismissed at the discretion of the Senior Advisor. The dismissed Explorer will be afforded the opportunity to re-apply after a period of time no less than (6) months from the date of dismissal.

A Probationary Explorer must meet the following requirements in order to successfully complete the Field Training Program: They must successfully pass all four (4) phase examinations with a score of at least 80 (eighty) percent, they must demonstrate a basic understanding of all topics covered within the Field Training
Program, and they must complete a Training Exit Interview with the Post Commander or designee.